Colour Silver
Material Implant Grade Titanium ASTM F136
Thread Type Internally Threaded
Worn in Helix, Cartilage, Lobe Placements, Conch, Tragus, Anti-Tragus, Nostril (Not very common application, please get professional advice before considering this piercing)
Gauges (Thickness) Offered 16G (1.2mm)

Crescent Triple Star Dangle Labret - Titanium

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Gauge (Thickness):
(16G) 1.2mm
Bar Length:
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Crescent Triple Star Dangle Labret - Titanium - Camden Body Jewellery
Gauge (Thickness): (16G) 1.2mm / Bar Length: 8mm

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Product Description

Our Crescent with 3 Star Dangle internally threaded Labret is made from ASTM F136 Implant Grade Titanium. This piece of premium body jewellery ensures safety and quality of the highest. It is suitable can be worn in piercings such as: tragus, rook, lobe, helix, daith, conch and anti-tragus piercings. 

Size Guide

The labret bar can always be changed and adopted to various piercings. Please ensure you see a piercer to gain professional advice because everything is dependent upon each individual's anatomy and unique thresholds.

Please click here to view our general size guidlines.